Sunday, November 24, 2013

Unusual assortment of new electric bumper boats from Rides and Fun

Hello again; Today I'm writing to tell you about another line of new equipment from Rides and Fun, formerly The Top Fun Group of Italy.

rides and fun calls this the disco pirate bumper boat. they are for sale on the midway marketplace

This time it is their line of electric bumper boats. They offer customers a wide variety of styles many of which I have never heard of before. They can also produce customized boats to fit with the theme of your business or the bumper boat arena you wish to create.

Operate Them Almost Anywhere

they call this the double seat disco bumper boat. meant for one adult and one child

They can also produce the pool needed or assist in designing one specifically for your needs. And here too, there are more options. This is because these boats have been designed to operate in any kind of water including using them at a lake or ocean. All you would need is an area partitioned off for safety.

Single seat bounty boat

The boats are made from the highest quality of materials. They are available in single seat and two seater models. The two seaters are for one adult and one child. They are suitable for kids from age five to twelve. They run on batteries that last for four hours. It takes eight hours to completely recharge them, so two sets of batteries are recommended. And the costs of the batteries, chargers, and other electrical equipment are not generally included in the purchase price of these units.

Hover boat

While the safe operation does require a supervisor, these coin operated units are pretty much self service. They work with an electronic timer that automatically shuts off when the time expires. The timer can be set between half a minute and three and one half minutes. And the coin mechanisms can be supplied to suit any coin or token. I have urged them to also offer bill acceptors and card readers for in house credit cards and will update you if and when they are available.

Custom Animal Head Boats

The boats can be upgraded with fiberglass heads that feature happy animals with an original design. This is what I see as the most exciting part of their bumper boat line. With these animal heads your bumper boat attraction could be made to fit a given theme. For example they already make them in ducks

Ducky boat

and swans

Swan boat

perfect for a bumper boat pond at a city park or for a ride themed as a duck pond or lilly pond.

They also offer elephants,

Elephant boat


Hyppo boat

and bears.

Bear boat

I believe these would be perfect for use at a zoo. They would also be great at a park where a wilderness theme is being used. They are also open to custom design orders. If for example your park is known for flamingos or penguins or something else; then we could make that happen. The main thing is that the flexibility of design you get from Rides and Fun would mean being able to create a unique bumper boat experience that would become part of your business's brand.

Now, I know many of you are familiar with this company and could contact them yourselves. However, I hope you will place your orders through my site or at least mention my name as the person who caused you to decide to purchase. I can promise you that my small commission is not going to effect your final purchase price in the least.

These units would be a good fit at an amusement park, water park, family fun center, pleasure pier, or beach boardwalk. I'm aware that there are also some carnival and fun fair operators who manage traveling bumper boat attractions. And based on the earlier statement you could use these at a summer camp, lake camp grounds, or lagoon area. And I'm sure there are possibilities I'm not even thinking of.

I hope you enjoyed learning about these fine new products. I look forward to hearing your opinions on all their unusual if not unique designs. Please let me know by leaving a comment. Not only does it help the manufacturer to make an even better product, but it gives you beneficial links back to your website, twitter profile, and most recent blog post. And if you enjoyed the post, be sure to click the sharing buttons and let your friends, family, and coworkers know about it. I can't do this without your help.

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