Monday, March 31, 2014

Blog hop on the writing process

Hello friends; This time I am bringing you a completely different kind of post. This post is part of what is called a blog hop. The best way I can explain it is that it is like a chain letter for bloggers. Each person in the chain writes a post on a given subject or that answers a predetermined set of questions. Then you reference the person who invited you, and you finish by including biographies of and links to three people you have invited to do the same next week. This particular blog hop has to do with the writing process.

If you know me at all, then you know I am all about taking advantage of opportunities even if they aren't the kind you were expecting. When you remember that my primary reason for starting this blog was the promotion of my website and the equipment for sale on it, I find it surprising that I was asked to talk about the writing process. I enjoy writing, and its something I have always ben pretty good at; but I wouldn't have thought of myself in the same category as those who write poems, short stories, and novels. But, Johnny was gracious enough to invite me, so I believe he must see something in my posts that he believes should be shared. And I would never miss the chance to introduce myself to a wider audience.

meet Johnny Bravo

Johnny Bravo

First, let me introduce you to the gentleman who invited me to take part in this blog hop thing. His name is Johnny Bravo and he is in the business of helping professionals sell their brands and take their careers to the next level. Businesses and professionals in every industry come to him for best practices in sales, networking and professional brand development. You can find him at or follow him on Twitter or connect with him on LinkedIn and Google+

What am I working on?

Wedndsday night meet up recap Mar 26, 2014

Hello again; I had another successful Google hangout this week and I thought the best way I could thank the kind people who participated was to continue writing posts recapping the Wednesday night meet ups. I'm also hoping that comments on these posts will help me refine the events and make them something that people look forward to every week.

The Meet Up Video

Mitchell and I were online right at 9 PM Central. There were no technical issues this time. I thanked Mitchell for continuing to help out. You can watch the youtube video of the entire show by going to the following link.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Hello; this is the video from my second wednesday night video meet up. I answered a couple of questions and then had a long conversation with william butler from western canada. we talked about his thought and the thoughts of other friends that i should be doing more to inspire and motivate people such as public speaking or coaching. we had two other people who wanted in but hadn't asked in advance so wren't on the list. email with questions or to be included next week. thanks, max wednesday night meet up

3rd time was the charm: I'm now a "hangout on air" master

Hello again; I am writing this post to share the happy news that I finally had my first successful Google video hangout on air. It happened Wednesday night. We did have a couple of hiccups, but we solved them within the first few minutes of the show. I am now confident that I can manage future hangouts. The next step is to build an audience and get more participation.


The Youtube Video

After a hangout on air is over, the video is posted to your youtube account. Below is a link to the first successful show. I hope you will at least listen to the first ten minutes or so and tell me how I am doing?



Starting The Show


This week I was more confident, but I still went through the process of getting prepared. I called Mitchell Walker, my moderator with the names of people to add to the hangout on air circle on my google plus account. And I verified that he would be available and online by the start of the event. I signed into the hangout and did everything but press the button to go live. At 09:00PM Central I started the show. I introduced myself. Then, I thanked Mitchell for agreeing to serve as the moderator until I have more experience running a hangout.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Blessed to be featured on two prominent websites

Hello again;This has truly ben a week of blessings. I am honored to have been mentioned on two popular and prestigious blogs. And as my way of saying thank you to their owners I wanted to share their posts with you.

In The Same Breath

I met Ashley Faulkes, owner of Mad Lemmings as a result of leaving comments on another blogger's post. I am not sure whose, but I would bet it was Adrienne Smith's. He eventually reached out to me and offered to help me improve the look and functionality of my website. As a blind computer user and website owner these are things I am constantly worried about. We became great friends. He has become my webmaster, and I trust him completely with my baby something that has ben hard to do. I have known for a while that he considers me an inspiration, but its something I have had trouble accepting myself. Posts like this and the generous comments I have received from others are starting to make me understand that by doing I am inspiring others. I am a big sports fan, and one of the more common sayings in sports is how great it is to be mentioned in the same breath. Now, I am not an athlete and never have ben. But I strive to be the best at what I do which is running my online business. . And as part of this I am a blogger. So, to hear Ashley mention my name with some of the top bloggers in the industry was a great boost to my ego.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Blind man continues to work towards regular google video hangouts on air

Hello Again; Today, I want to share some things I have learned about google hangouts as I am making the transition from a regular google video hangout to a video hangout on air. I will also share some of the mistakes made, problems found, and planned solutions. But before I get to the meat of this post I need to send out my heart felt apologies to those great friends of mine who tried to participate in last night's first hangout on air. I am sorry to have wasted your time and the opportunity to start building my audience. I can assure you that I am working on finding solutions. And for anyone who knows me, they know I'm not going to give up easily especially when I can feel the potential of this service.

Types Of Hangouts

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Hi; i just read this post. I am subscribed to a linked in group for bloggers to share their posts. Very seldom does a post make me feel so much emotion. You can hear her love for books and her passion for putting them in the hands of young kids. If you don't tear up after reading it, there is something wrong with you. You should really check it out. thanks, Max Not Otherwise Specified: My Weekend Trip to Atlanta

Not Otherwise Specified: My Weekend Trip to Atlanta: Most of my work days are spent here at my desk at home, copy editing scholarly books, usually on topics of education. It's interesting w...

Calliope Corner episode 2 the sky coaster from opryland

Hello again; Today, I am happy to announce that I have finally completed episode two of the midway's video showcase. I am continuing to call it the calliope corner until something better comes along. However, that name is starting to grow on me. This time the video is about the sky coaster ride that used to b at Opryland Theme Park in Nashville Tennessee.

photo of 173 ft. sky coaster taken while still on location at opryland theme park in nashville tennessee

And like the first episode, the show features a video provided by the ride's owner along with background information and my own personal commentary about the attraction. You can watch the entire show by clicking the link below. It lasts about sixteen minutes all together. Or if you prefer, you can scan down to where it says riding the sky coaster and play just the ride video. I hope you enjoy it.

What Is A Sky Coaster?

2nd actual photo of the sky coaster from opryland

For those of you who aren't familiar with these attractions a sky coaster is a ride where passengers are winched up to the top of a tower and then dropped off of it. They then swing back and forth at the end of a steel cable until gravity brings them to a stop. It is meant to give people the illusion of flight. And who among us hasn't dreamt of or pretended to fly like one of the super heroes.

My first google video hangout tune in next week

Hello again; As many of you know I am not easily satisfied with my efforts to help my clients sell their equipment. I am always looking for some additional edge or new technique that will lead to more successful sales. So, this week I decided to try a google video hangout for the first time. I thought I would share my experience using this system as a blind computer user and business owner.

Why Try A Google Plus Video Hangout?

Recently, I was reading an article about how google hangouts especially video hangouts could be a great way to grow your business. It got me to thinking about how many of my clients have asked me if I would be attending the next major trade show hoping to meet me in person and put a face and voice with the name. And how I have regretted not being able to attend any of these trade shows or conventions yet. I also thought about the many people who have recently commented about how I am an inspiration to them, and I thought this might be a chance fore them to meet me and ask questions. It might give me a chance to further encourage and motivate some people who just need a little shot of positive energy. so I thought I could help myself and maybe help some other people at the same time.

A blind person's experience with Pinterest

Hello friends! Recently, I have been working on an interview with a friend of mine who runs a blog about writing called Wording Well. Her name is Lorraine Reguly, and we will shortly be co-authoring a post about yours truly. She has encouraged me to be more open about the fact that I am blind and share some more about how I manage my life in general and this website in particular. She was surprised that a blind person is on Pinterest much less that I seem to be building a following there and am actually using it to promote sales of amusement equipment and related items. She wanted to hear how I do this and thought I should write a post to share my experience with the rest of you. I hope you enjoy the post. I have never thought of anything I do as being all that special. However, the more that I interact with people the more I am realizing I am an inspiration to many of you. So, I am embracing that role and sharing some of how I do this with you. Feel free to forward any questions about me in particular or blind people in general. I like to think I am unique, but I'm sure I can help with any of your questions.

Pinterest screen shotWhy I joined

Caliope Corner Episode 1 featuring a chance park model carousel

Hello again; This week I am proud to announce that I have finally recorded the first episode of The Midway Showcase which will be a regular show based on the amusement industry. The plan is to include interviews with industry leaders, visits to notable amusement based businesses, and the proper display of equipment available on the site. Like all things I do, the ultimate goal is to improve my chances of finding new homes for the rides, games, inflatables, vehicles, concessions machines, etc that have been entrusted to me.


Click Below To Watch Th Show



Chance Park Model Carousel


Chance Park Carousel 01


This week's featured item is a 1997 Chance Rides park model carousel for $89,999. The ride is in good mechanical and cosmetic condition. Its current owners had been operating it for about four years now. It has 14 horses and one chariot. According to the manufacturer's specifications