Saturday, March 29, 2014

Hello; this is the video from my second wednesday night video meet up. I answered a couple of questions and then had a long conversation with william butler from western canada. we talked about his thought and the thoughts of other friends that i should be doing more to inspire and motivate people such as public speaking or coaching. we had two other people who wanted in but hadn't asked in advance so wren't on the list. email with questions or to be included next week. thanks, max wednesday night meet up

3rd time was the charm: I'm now a "hangout on air" master

Hello again; I am writing this post to share the happy news that I finally had my first successful Google video hangout on air. It happened Wednesday night. We did have a couple of hiccups, but we solved them within the first few minutes of the show. I am now confident that I can manage future hangouts. The next step is to build an audience and get more participation.


The Youtube Video

After a hangout on air is over, the video is posted to your youtube account. Below is a link to the first successful show. I hope you will at least listen to the first ten minutes or so and tell me how I am doing?



Starting The Show


This week I was more confident, but I still went through the process of getting prepared. I called Mitchell Walker, my moderator with the names of people to add to the hangout on air circle on my google plus account. And I verified that he would be available and online by the start of the event. I signed into the hangout and did everything but press the button to go live. At 09:00PM Central I started the show. I introduced myself. Then, I thanked Mitchell for agreeing to serve as the moderator until I have more experience running a hangout.