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The new AMCO approach

The new AMCO approach
By Johnny Cash on November 15, 2016
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The new AMCO approach

Hi everyone,

Many thanks for your patience, as empowr worked to revamp the way that AMCO cash outs are calculated and distributed.

First, for the benefit of our newest members:

What is an AMCO?

An AMCO is an “Accelerated Matured Cash Out”.

When you receive an AMCO, it means that empowr has accelerated the maturity of some of your profits…

… so that you can immediately cash them out or go shopping in the marketplace.

Why do AMCOs exist?

Since empowr is all about improving the lives of its members, when it has extra cash left over at the end of the month, it distributes the cash to its users (called citizens in empowr).

Who gets most of the AMCO cash?

Together, the empowr community decided that AMCOs should go to the members that are contributing the most to the empowr economy.


So, what’s new with the AMCO process?

A week ago, I mentioned that the empowr engineers are working on a new approach to distributing AMCOs, so that you are more optimally rewarded for your efforts.

The engineers have now completed their work, and your AMCOs are being distributed in the next 5 hours.

Below, I’d like to give you as much information as possible about what’s new…

… along with some success tips so you can maximize the size of your AMCO cash out next month.

First, some statistics:

A.   The total dollar amount of AMCOs distributed has increased by 200% from last month.

The main driver of this was an increase in empowr revenues, as I reported last week.

B.  The number of distinct people that received an AMCO increased by 400% from last month.

This was accomplished in three (3) ways:

1.  All empowr citizens are now eligible for AMCOs, not just those that have achieved Green Power levels and higher. 

Yes, our very newest members (Orange Power Users) can now also receive AMCOs!

2.    Many people had their October number of Daily Goals considered “Hit” on days where only their listing portion of their Daily Goal was missing or rejected…

… IF they had made sales or had listed products in other days.


·      Every three (3) sales of $5 or more, were utilized to backfill a missing or rejected listing. 

·      Any extra approved listings you had, were carried forward to fill in for missing or rejected listings.

3.  You were rewarded AMCOs even if you didn’t hit your Daily Goals, if you contributed to the empowr economy and sales in other ways, such as sponsoring and promoting. More on that below.


So, should everyone expect a larger AMCO?

We are truly excited about driving up BOTH the number of AMCO recipients as well as the total dollar amount of AMCOs!

However, please keep in mind that this does not necessarily mean that YOU received a higher AMCO this month (than last month). 


Your AMCO, like everyone else’s, is based on a number of factors, which I will discuss below.

Everyone’s activities and results are not the same as each other’s.

Indeed, even your own personal activities likely change from month to month.

Also, remember that while twice as much money is being shared, it is being distributed to four (4) times the number of recipients, which means that everyone, on average, will receive a smaller AMCO.

That said, many people did receive a much larger AMCO this month than last month, as determined by their activities and results.

AMCOs being distributed to more people means that more people will be happy, leading them to tell their friends to join empowr…

… which, in turn, will bring more items to the empowr marketplace for you to purchase with your empowr earnings….

…. and will also drive up empowr’s revenues…

… which means more funds will be available to distribute to you in the near future.

So, by widening the audience of participants, the empowr economy will expand, meaning what empowr can do for YOU will also expand.


So, what else is different?

Until now, you earned your AMCO primarily by hitting your Daily Goals.

The more days in the month that you hit your Daily Goal, the higher your AMCO.

But now, the algorithms have been updated so that you can earn AMCOs from other activities.

Specifically, we wanted to ensure that you were being rewarded for your contributions to the empowr economy that didn’t directly relate to hitting your Daily Goal:

A.   Your AMCO was increased if you successfully sold products…

… regardless of when those products were listed and whether you list things every day or even hit your Daily Goals.

B.   Your AMCO was increased if you successfully sponsored something…

…meaning you successfully resold something that you purchased in the marketplace.

C.   Your AMCO was increased if you successfully promoted something…

… which means you Shared, Liked, Commented or Reposted a marketplace item…

  or, you Bid on something…

… and then someone purchased the item directly from that feed story that went out as a result of your action.

Since it was your sharing action that caused the buyer to notice the item in their feed and purchase it, you effectively acted a “promoter” – and were therefore rewarded.

Note: These marketplace results (A, B and C) pertained to your completed product sales from September, not October.

That means that the AMCOs you will receive going forward are rewards for the Daily Goals you hit in the month that just passed…

…. PLUS your marketplace results from the month before that.

In other words, first empowr rewards you for taking action (activities) in any month…

…. then, it waits 30 days to see how those activities might have turned into results (sales)… 

… and awards you for those results too!

Example 1: 

If you receive an AMCO today, it will be for:

A.  The Daily Goals you hit in October, and

B.   The results (completed product sales) achieved from all your listings, sharing, budding, sponsoring and promoting activities that you did in September.

Example 2:

The AMCO that you may receive around the 7th of next month (December) will be to reward you for Daily Goals hit in November….

… plus the results (completed product sales) achieved from all your listings, sharing, budding, sponsoring and promoting activities that you did in October. 


Your Marketplace AMCO Score

Central to the AMCO calculation, is the concept of your Marketplace AMCO Score.

Specifically, there are certain things that you do that will cause the empowr algorithms to value your results more than that of others…

… which means you will be rewarded with larger AMCOs than they will be.


Here are 7 tips to increase your Marketplace AMCO Score:

1.  Sell to different people

If many of Joe’s sales are to the same person (or persons) those sales are valued less than if his sales are with different people.

Indeed, many of the people that have been trying to fool the platform in order to get more of the AMCOs, were doing that by falsely buying and selling from each other.

Not only did that severely reduce or eliminate the size of their AMCOs of course, but it also got most of their accounts quietly marked for future deletion.

So, to increase your AMCOs, do your best to sell to, and buy from, as different a group of people as possible, not the same people.


2.  Expand your circle of trust

Question:  What’s the best way to get lots of different people buying the things you’re selling, sponsoring and promoting?

Answer:  Increase the number of people visiting your profile, by closing more loops with more people. 

When you close the loop with someone, you motivate them to visit your profile and bid/buy the things you’re selling, sponsoring or promoting.


3.  Associate with good, honest people

If someone seems shady or dishonest, have as little communication or transactions with them. Remember, birds of a feather flock together.

When someone shady approaches you to cheat the system or join them in some other nefarious activity, report them quietly and swiftly and earn yourself a quick and separate AMCO cash out – called a VAMCO.


4.  Always enter tracking numbers for the things you sell and ship

By providing detailed information about when and how a buyer can expect to receive their purchases from you, not only will the buyer be more inclined to do repeat business with you, but the system also looks at those tracking numbers as further evidence of your legitimacy.


5.  Maintain a great seller’s reputation

This one really speaks for itself.  Treat your buyers well, and they will gladly rate their experience with you as GREAT.


6.   Never attempt to fool or game the empowr system

Even if you’re just screwing around or your attempt seems harmless to you, unfortunately empowr’s computer servers have little-to-no sense of humor…

… and they, unfortunately, are quick to attempt to quietly punish people that appear to be attempting to fool them.


7.  Sell a lot

The higher your quantity of completed sales in any month, the higher your Marketplace AMCO Score.

As you build up your monthly sales, you will notice that the % of those sales made available for AMCO cash out will be growing.

Indeed, your AMCOs can grow to ABOVE 100% of your earnings from selling, sponsoring and promoting.

A number of people will note from the AMCO they receive today, that if they sold, say, $100 in September, the system rewarded them with more than $100 in AMCOs due to their excellent Marketplace AMCO Score, based on the above (1 to 7) criteria.


And that’s it!

I hope you had a great month last month…

…. and an even better month in November!


Any questions?

We’re here for you.

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