Friday, January 6, 2012

Amazing spectacular sky coaster ride

Hello again; Today, I'm writing to tell you about an amazing opportunity to own a spectacular thrill ride called the sky coaster. sky-coaster-1.jpg
What A THrill!! Here is a 1995 173 ft. Arch Skycoaster with dual launch towers and hydraulic landers for $160,000 firm. It has great money making potential. sky-coaster-2.jpg
The dual launch towers allow up to six flyers at a time. Each flight lasts about five minutes. They paid $750,000 for it new, and a Skycoaster of this style and size retails for approximately half a million dollars today. The first two photos are of the actual ride taken while it was still in operation at Opryland In Nashville, Tennessee. The other photos are of similar models and intended only to give you a better idea of its style and size. sky-coaster-Brazil.jpg
The unit for sale is currently broken down into sections and is ready to ship. You can click here to watch a video of the ride from its days at Opryland. The video was taken while the ride was at its original location at the back of the park. The ride was such a hit that they moved it to what they called the central park location where it would have higher visibility and get more traffic. Then they added the scizzor lift platforms and hydraulic landers. They tell me this ride grossed about $900,000 the last year of operation. This would be a great addition to any amusement park, city park, zoo, or other tourist area. It could also be excellent for a family entertainment center that is ready to add a spectacular ride to its offerings. Feel free to call or email with any questions. Thanks, Max
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