Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Casey Jones Cannonball train a working piece of amusement and rock & roll history

Hello again; Often when I'm asked to assist in the sale of a piece of amusement, concessions, or confection equipment the owner will come to me without all the necessary information or photos to create a proper listing. So, I have gotten used to having to do some research when taking on new projects. This time my research not only improved the listing, but it uncovered even more history attached to this beautiful example of amusement park trains. Casey Jones Train
The owners told me about it being the train from Liberty Land Amusement Park in Memphis Tennessee. They confirmed that this was the park that Elvis Presley was known to rent out for all night parties for his friends and family. And while the Zippin Pippin roller coaster is more closely associated with the King, it is likely that Elvis took Priscilla and Lisa Marie for rides on this train. And I could picture the cannonball carrying fans around the grounds of Graceland today. Train engine 1
Even more interesting to me is that the owners had this train listed as a Chance Iron Horse model. My research determined that Chance never built a model called the Iron Horse. It turns out that this 24 gage train was built by Allan Herschell as their entry into the park train market. Herschell only built 49 of these units before selling out to Chance Rides. After the sale, there was no reason for Chance to continue building to lines. Train 001
After I explained this to the owners, they went and checked the train more closely for manufacturer's markings. As you can see from this photo the driveshaft is printed with the words Allan Herschell Buffalo New York. Since Herschell didn't move to Buffalo until just before being sold to Chance, this train would have been one of the last ones built if not the very last to ever roll out of their factory. Once they started looking, they also found a stamp that said delivered to Midway Fairgrounds. That was the name of the permanent midway area before it officially opened as liberty Land on July 4th 1976.
The owners have everything you would want including the engine Train engine 2
all five cars Train cars 1railroad signs Railroad signs
Liberty Land Park Sign Libertyland train station sign 1
and 3/4 mile of track with ties Track 1
You can own this fine amusement park train for $125,000. It is located in North Carolina and available immediately. The buyer would have to take responsibility for arranging the transporting and reinstalling at their location. The owners Have informed me that they are willing to assist with the loading of the train onto trailers or into containers. They bought this train from the auction held after the closing of Liberty Land intending on setting it up for the private use of their friends and family. Those plans have fallen through, and now they are just looking to find The Cannonball a good home. I should mention that the Zippin Pippin was relocated to Green Bay Wisconsin and did a brisk business in its first season there last year. Given the continued fascination with everything Elvis, this could be a great draw for anyone wanting that signature attraction. It would be perfect for another amusement park or larger family entertainment center. I could also see it in a pumpkin patch shopping mall, city park, or area zoo. Feel free to call or email with any questions. I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks, Max website www.midwaymarketplace.com send emails to maxwell@midwaymarketplace.com

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