Sunday, March 16, 2014

Blessed to be featured on two prominent websites

Hello again;This has truly ben a week of blessings. I am honored to have been mentioned on two popular and prestigious blogs. And as my way of saying thank you to their owners I wanted to share their posts with you.

In The Same Breath

I met Ashley Faulkes, owner of Mad Lemmings as a result of leaving comments on another blogger's post. I am not sure whose, but I would bet it was Adrienne Smith's. He eventually reached out to me and offered to help me improve the look and functionality of my website. As a blind computer user and website owner these are things I am constantly worried about. We became great friends. He has become my webmaster, and I trust him completely with my baby something that has ben hard to do. I have known for a while that he considers me an inspiration, but its something I have had trouble accepting myself. Posts like this and the generous comments I have received from others are starting to make me understand that by doing I am inspiring others. I am a big sports fan, and one of the more common sayings in sports is how great it is to be mentioned in the same breath. Now, I am not an athlete and never have ben. But I strive to be the best at what I do which is running my online business. . And as part of this I am a blogger. So, to hear Ashley mention my name with some of the top bloggers in the industry was a great boost to my ego.


maribel steel said...

Hey Max, that's great! It is truly about being ourselves that can inspire others...what comes naturally to us is viewed as, yep, claim your victories, breath by breath!
Fellow-blind blogger, Maribel

Max Ivey said...

hi maribel; that is so true. but then my friend ashly said that when he was recovering from a near fatal skiing accident that he didn't think about it he just concentrated on making it through each day. I think he gets it. hope you will join me on the blog hop. need to find two more deserving blind bloggers by monday. and if you are on linked in join the bloggers helping bloggers group. there ar two of us there so far. take care, max