Wednesday, September 21, 2016

RE: Your empowr earnings: $110.23 all-time ($4.66 on Sep. 18)

Hi maxwellivey.pentium2468,

In this revenue statement, I can see that you lost significant earnings yesterday because you didn't post anything.

Are you overthinking this?

Let’s make this easy for you: Here's a photo – click the blue "Post" button (below) to not lose money today.

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Watch a quick video on this topic.

Remember, if you ever have questions, I’m here for you. That’s why I volunteered

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From: Your daily revenue statement (
Subject: Your empowr earnings: $110.23 all-time ($4.66 on Sep. 18)

On Sep. 18 you earned $4.66
maxwellivey.pentium2468, your $4.66 in earnings on Sep. 18 happened with the help of ad credits, however, you have not yet watched the quick ad credits tutorial video. Why not take a moment to

watch it now

and understand your options?
All-time revenues: $110.23
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