Sunday, September 11, 2016

RE: Your empowr earnings: $55.82 all-time ($5.10 on Sep. 08)

Hi maxwellivey.pentium24,

Since you’re doing really well in other categories, your focus should be on this advanced topic:

The fastest way to increase your earnings is by selling products & services.

Think you have nothing to sell?

I understand how you feel, I felt the same way.

What I've found is that by simply looking around the house, there are a lot of things that others are really happy to buy.

Things on empowr sell fast and you can use those earnings immediately - to increase your Power Level and your earnings.

The best trick of all

Jumpstart your profits immediately by Sponsoring almost anything for sale on empowr! (Sponsoring simply means reselling).

With Sponsoring, you can make a profit selling products without using your own money, and without taking possession of the product or dealing with shipping!

empowr even guarantees that Sponsors never lose money on any successful sale!

There are thousands of products available for Sponsoring right now!

To sell something, or find something to Sponsor:
Visit the marketplace ►
I can’t stress this enough

To be super successful, "go green" in earning by selling and Sponsoring.

Go Green Gauge

Watch a quick video on selling and Sponsoring.

Got questions? I’m here for you.

Athal Kumar Hm Athal Kumar Hm — your Success Coach

From: Your daily revenue statement (
Subject: Your empowr earnings: $55.82 all-time ($5.10 on Sep. 08)

On Sep. 08 you earned $5.10
maxwellivey.pentium24, your $5.10 in earnings on Sep. 08 happened with the help of ad credits, however, you have not yet watched the quick ad credits tutorial video. Why not take a moment to

watch it now

and understand your options?
All-time revenues: $55.82
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