Sunday, November 20, 2016

Good news about earnings

Good news about earnings
By Johnny Cash on November 19, 2016
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Good news about earnings

Hi everyone,

As you know, empowr uniquely believes that the platform -- and the economic value that stems from the platform -- should belong to its citizens

… as opposed to just a few rich founders and shareholders.


To ensure the above is not just meaningless words, but actually a reality that all of can work towards, as you may know the community has set a goal is to push 97% of all revenue that comes into empowr, back to its citizens.

To execute on that vision, everyone has worked very hard, and experienced great difficulty in the short-term…

… in order to keep empowr’s operating costs down, so we can maximize the earnings that empowr can deliver back to its citizens.


That 97% goal includes revenue from ALL sources, including advertising from large corporations, when that revenue begins to ramp up as empowr’s traffic continues to rise.

Accomplishing that goal will take some time, but we’ve been moving rapidly towards that goal lately.


Revenues are on the rise

Well, as I recently reported, empowr has been enjoying a very nice uptick in revenues, which it’s eager to push back to the community as quickly as possible, in order to inch closer and closer to the 97% goal.

Last week, I reported that the amount of AMCO cash outs doubled from the month before….

… and four (4) times as many people received an AMCO this month, than did last month.


Ready for more good news?

Your earnings from posting are about to grow very, very nicely

The empowr engineers have just completed an overhaul of the payout system that’s responsible for how you earn from your posts.

That means that you’ll immediately start generating more profits from your posts…

… profits that you can use to:

A.  Shop in the marketplace

B.  Move up power levels rapidly, further increasing your earnings

C.  Pay your ad platform fees

D.  Cash out


As someone who’s listing things to sell, this means that you’ll be able to earn more from selling…

… because everyone will now have more profits to pay for your products and services.

That means that there is no better time to list things to sell to your fellow empowr citizens, than right now.



The engineers are almost 99% done with testing, and so you should start noticing a nice and sudden bump in your earnings from posting within the next 24-48 hours.

Using the comments below, please drop us a line when you notice that.


What will this mean for AMCO cash outs?

As I mentioned, last month the total amount of AMCO cash outs doubled.

Now, the total amount of AMCOs that will be paid out next month (which will be paid by the 7th of December) are set to grow an additional 50% from the month before.


I can tell you without any hesitation that nothing – NOTHING -- makes everyone at empowr happier than to see more money being paid out to empowr citizens…

… as we know how much it means to you and your families…

… and heaven knows you so very much deserve all the success and happiness possible…

… due to the incredible sacrifices you made, over the months and years that you’ve been involved with this mission.

So of course I feel a very deep sense of satisfaction at being the one to report such good news. 


We are a community, and together we will experience good times…

…. as well as hard and difficult times, as everyone who’s been here for years knows very well.


This is one of the good times

… and I want to take a quick moment – on behalf of everyone involved – success coaches, employees and citizens alike…

... to thank you for being an empowr citizen, and buying into this crazy mission and approach (of not raising money from investors, so that the platform can and will always belong to the community)…

… despite all the hardship that may have meant for you in the short-term.



Any questions?

We’re here for you.

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