Sunday, April 24, 2011

The MIdway welcomes the Hercules Hauler

Hello again; When I first started The Midway Marketplace, my plan was to have new and used items on the site. I hoped that vendors of supplies would want to be represented too. So far there are only a couple most notable A C sound manufacturers of custom sound repeaters and Rebound unlimited makers of power trampolines and the shoot and shower games. Now, I'm proud to announce that another supplier has decided to list his items with me. It is the manufacturer of the Hercules Hauler inflatable movers. hercules-hauler-1.jpg
These units are an absolute necessity to anyone in the amusement industry and especially to those whose main line of business is inflatable rides and games. The Hercules Hauler is the best made such unit available in the market today, and it is also reasonably priced at $475 each plus shipping. hercules-hauler-2.jpg
These units offer high stability and operator control of the load. They weigh 65 pounds and can haul up to 1000 pounds. Their measurements are 30 inches wide at the handle, 20 inches wide at the frame; and its overall height is 60 inches. hercules-hauler-3.jpg
The manufacturer tells me he has shipped these all over the United States and the freight generally runs about a hundred dollars. He also tells me that these could be exported outside the U S for serious buyers. And these units may have been designed specifically for the transportation of inflatables, but they could have so many more uses. I'm happy to have these fine units on the midway and hope to hear from many of you soon. Thanks, Max
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