Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Professional performance stage

Hello again; I try to make the midway a place where everyone in the amusement industry is welcome. This next item is not necessarily specific to carnivals, circuses, or fun fairs; but a stage is something every event needs. pro-stage-1.jpg
This is a unique opportunity for anyone in the outdoor amusement industry. Its a complete professionally built performance stage originally created for a family magic show but suitable for just about any type of entertainment including concerts with light, sound, smoke, fog, etc. This stage has been host to bands, jugglers, beauty contests, talent shows, and even 11 members of the Grand Ole Opry. The price is $50000 or best offer. pro-stage-2.jpg
It was built by Uni-Glide trailers in 1990, and it is in wonderful condition. By the numbers it is 40 ft. by 12.6 ft. in Height, and the stage area is 17 ft. by 24, ft. and split down the middle by a curtain. It is carpeted with black marine carpet. It also has eight white lights, eight red lights, (overhead and foot) The owner will also include seating for about forty people. This seating was their starter kit. There isn't an actual living quarters in it, but it does have a dressing area along with an office section and racks for easy access to all the light and sound equipment. pro-stage-3.jpg
Even with all this the owner has pulled this unit with a v-10 pick-up, and it can be easily set up by just one person if necessary. Just imagine the bookings for this piece. You could use it as a straight rental because every event needs a stage and this stage will become popular because it is so professionally built and outfitted that event organizers are going to be able to book better entertainment by offering the chance to perform on this stage. You could use it as a booking tool offering it to events for free as a reason for choosing your company over one of your competitors. Don't let this one pass you buy. You will never see another unit this nice at this price. I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks, Max
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